Efficient Solutions, Practiced Success

NGT Partners Group offers a full service training and coaching plan uniquely customized for doctors and their teams.

Our practice management training program is  built on a complete suite of coaching and mentoring services,  reflecting the needs and values of your practice.


  • In office training
  • Team coaching and meeting facilitation
  • Online solutions for added convenience for your practice

Our in Office Training Programs are designed for:




Training Designed To Elevate Your Business

Have you ever wondered...

Why you should be investing in training your team? Here are some reasons that will likely resonate with you:

  • Stressful days with office drama
  • Schedule falls apart very often with no shows or cancellation
  • Need to hire new staff a little too often
  • Practice is not growing as you expected
  • Always dealing with everyone’s excuses

Training has proven to be the best return on investment for your business

  • Higher levels of patient satisfaction
  • Enhanced staff performance
  • Less staff turnover, which reduces costs
  • Rise in production and revenue
  • Better insights into the management of the business health of your practice leading to practice growth
  • Dynamic work days

Front desk staff will learn to:

  • Provide stellar customer-centric service
  • Build and use a successful recall system
  • Wow new patients
  • Schedule in ways that maximize production
  • Optimize business systems
  • Learn sales techniques for optimal new patient call conversion

Anticipated Business Outcomes:

  • Higher levels of patient satisfaction
  • Enhanced staff efficiency and productivity
  • Reduction in unproductive “dead” time in the schedule
  • Increase in the number of higher-value procedures in the schedule

Office managers will learn to:

  • Hire and retain stellar employees
  • Improve morale establishing a team culture
  • Develop, lead, and manage a high-performing team
  • Establish clear revenue and production goals
  • Develop leadership and organization skills
  • Apply human resources best practices

Anticipated Business Outcomes:

  • Less staff turnover, which reduces costs with enhanced staff performance
  • Increase in production and revenue and practice growth
  • Tracking of the business health of your practice
  • Protection from fines or legal action from lack of compliance with government regulations
  • Identification of key performance indicators
  • Implementation plans for continuing practice growth and improvement

The treatment coordinator will learn to:

  • Present treatment plans in ways that promote treatment acceptance
  • Leverage an understanding of different personality styles
  • Phase the buying process
  • Present financing strategies for a YES
  • Remove objections

Anticipated Business Outcomes

  • Increase in acceptance of treatment recommendations
  • Surge in production and collections

Doctors will acquire insights to

  • Set a clear vision for your practice
  • Establish and monitor key performance indicators
  • Effectively communicate your needs and expectations to staff
  • Build a positive, productive work culture based on trust
  • Identify and leverage employee strengths
  • Resolve employee conflicts
  • Manage insurance optimally
  • Guide patients toward the treatment they need.

Anticipated Business Outcomes:

  • Better insights into the management of the business health of your practice
  • Enhanced ability to implement strategies that increase production and revenue

A training program designed to advance our client’s' goals in the areas of:

  • Practice Culture; mission, vision, core values, team agreements, and ideal practice
  • Patient Experience; professional sales training focused on service excellence, and patient conversion
  • Communication for High Performance Teams; focused on getting your staff to communicate effectively and to think outside of the box
  • Leadership and Management; helps office mangers understand key performance indicators, budgeting, human resources and more
  • Marketing & Innovation; focused on the importance of branding and  helping staff to better understand how digital media is impacting patient’s’ perceptions.

We offer both on-site training, at times that work for your team and short, interactive, online courses that are available 24/7 that your staff can complete at their convenience.

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