4 Simple Ways To Stay Productive And Conquer Your To-do List

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Did you know that in an average week, 75% of Americans skip doing something for themselves because they didn’t adequately plan or allow enough time for it? Are you trying to find ways to stay productive in your workplace? Does looking at your to-do list feel so daunting that it discourages you from making any progress at all?

You’re not alone. A new Post-it Brand productivity study found that more than 1 in 4 Americans feel completing everything on their weekly to-do list is harder than running a marathon.

Juggling multiple tasks at one time is a common challenge for everyone; even those at the top of their game. Here are 4 simple ways to stay productive and conquer your to-do list;

The ‘Write’ Way

You’re 42% more likely to get something done if you write it down. Creating a to-do list is an efficient way to visualize and prioritize your tasks, both short-term and long-term. Celebrity chef Russell Jackson is always looking for ways to be more productive and stay inspired. “Writing items down helps me feel that I’ve taken the first step in conquering the task,” he says. “I like to think of lists as a road map to help me visualize what I need to achieve.”

Break It Down

Too often people attempt to improve their productivity by tackling large projects in a single session. The results may be disappointing and, in many cases, the project is left unfinished. Instead of getting bogged down  and overwhelmed by the entire scope of a project, break down goals into smaller actions.This allows you to focus on handling each of these less daunting smaller objectives as a way of advancing your larger goals.

Toss Your Tech

“Technology isn’t always the answer to checking things off your to-do list,” says Jackson, adding that even a tech lover such as himself needs a tactile method to spark creativity. Without a screen limiting you to seeing only the small tasks at hand, take advantage of a large surface and use Easel Pads to move big ideas around so you can see everything you are trying to accomplish.

Clear Your Mind

If you find your current strategy isn’t working, don’t be afraid to switch it up. Go for a walk or clear your head by taking 15 minutes to do something you enjoy. For world-renowned fitness artist and celebrity trainer Nicole Winhoffer, even a 10-minute jog can help bring fresh ideas. She uses Post-it List Notes to write down her post-workout inspirational thoughts. “When you come back to your task after that quick sweat session, write down the first things that come to mind – those can spark ideas that you might never have thought of.”

Post-it Brand created a quiz to help you learn more about your list, making style and to find solutions. It also offers tools to help you be productive, tackle your to-do lists and achieve your goals. Visit to take the short quiz and find solutions tailored for you to boost your productivity.

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