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Improved Patient Experience Starts With The Dental Office Receptionist

By March 8, 2019 No Comments

Getting regular check-ups from the dentist is important not only for one’s health but is also beneficial for preventing tooth decay and other issues that could potentially cause problems down the road. Some patients put off going to the dentist just for those reasons alone. Others hate going because of the time and expense. The following tips can help to improve patient experience and prompt more patients to visit the dentist regularly.

Making a Lasting First Impression

First impressions are important. When patients are walking into the waiting room, have that area reflect the practices attitude toward overall patient comfort. It should be clean, calm and relaxing.

The receptionist’s appearance should also convey a sense of order and professionalism. Receptionists appearance should be neat and clean, and their smile and demeanor should be warm and welcoming.

Calming a Patient’s Worries Over the Phone

Nervousness don’t start when the patient arrives. They often worry about going to the dentist before they even pick up the phone to make an appointment. This is why telephone interactions are also an important face of the dental patient experience.

To help patients feel comfortable about talking about their dental problems, phone etiquette is important. The greeting should be clear, concise and friendly. Ideally, phones should be answered away from the front desk to allow the receptionist to give their full attention to the patient who’s on the phone.

Being Friendly to Patients and Other Staff Members

When patients arrive at the office, they should be welcomed with a positive interaction, eye contact, and a nice smile to build client relationships and trust. Patients who trust their receptionists feel at ease and are more likely to enjoy their check up and look forward to coming back. Another important key to improve dental patient experience is how the staff and receptionists communicate with each other. Receptionists relationships among themselves should also be clear and have consistent systems put in place to ensure positive patient experiences that lead to cooperative and collaborative relationships. 

Speaking Appropriately to Patients

Receptionists should be able to understand the information that was given to the patient by the clinical team and be able to reinforce that information. It’s easier for the patient to understand and is also beneficial in helping to create client relationships, trust, and the right impressions.

The importance of improving dental patient experience is not only crucial for first-time patients, but it is also very significant in improving that experience with patients who have had bad interactions in the past with other dentists or with patients who just have a fear of being at a dentist office.

Whatever the dismay might be, it is essential to keep the same amount of awareness and care for each patient and continue to work towards a greater dental patient experience.